Dear Friends and Colleagues,we are really delighted to present you the 16th edition of the National Congress of the Italian Skull Base Society – SIB – that will be held in Varese, University of Insubria. The title of this event will be “Multidisciplinary treatments for skull base lesions”.We believe that a multidisciplinary approach of skull base disorders is the only way to effectively manage a complex and “borderline” anatomical region such as the skull base. For this reason, the contribution of neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists, maxillofacial surgeons, ophthalmologists and plastic and reconstructive surgeons cannot leave aside the support of dedicated neuroradiologists and pathologists, as well as it must always be integrated with the new therapeutic possibilities offered by the radiation therapists and medical oncologists.The 16th National Congress of the Italian Skull Base Society was born in this “patient-centered” multidisciplinary perspective and it will include all the leading Italian experts involved in the treatment of paranasal sinuses and anterior skull base diseases, in the orbital and transorbital approaches, in the treatment of lateral skull base pathologies, and in the management of pituitary lesions and cavernous sinus. The formula of this edition of the National Congress will be designed in order to stimulate an open discussion between different specialists, just as it happens in the multidisciplinary team meetings that we all experience in our daily clinical practice.Following our tradition, cutting-edge experts has been invited and they will be available for open professional exchanges in all the hot topics we deal with every day.We will also have the privilege of having with us a renowned international guest faculty such as Prof. Ricardo Carrau, The Ohio State University, USA, President of the North American Skull Base Society – NASBS – who will present a keynote Lecture on the future directions of skull base surgery. It will be a unique opportunity for professional exchages and growth, which underlines the close collaboration between the Italian Skull Base Society, an accredited member of the European Skull Base Society – ESBS – and the American Skull Base Society.We are actively working so that this 16th National Congress can be really useful and interesting for all of us. We are sure that it will be a valid opportunity to intensify the already started collaborations as well as to become aware of innovations offered by several Italian centers of excellence, which will further enrich our scientific and professional skills and open new treatment options for our patients.See you in Varese in October 29th-30th 2020.Best regards,Paolo Castelnuovo